14. Chum – prod. by RandomBlackDude & Christian Rich

Chum is a fitting track to round out World Mental Health Day, as Earl Sweatshirt not only delivers some very introspective bars (“Get up off the pavement, brush the dirt up off my psyche”), but is also not afraid of discussing the pain of growing up fatherless (“And I just used to say I hate him in dishonest jest / When honestly I miss this n****, like when I was six”). Beyond the thoughtful, solemn lyrics, LA based Earl plates up a simple but mesmerizing beat with the help of Christian Rich, a production duo consisting of twin brothers Taiwo “Christian” Hassan and Kehinde “Rich” Hassan (RandomBlackDude is Earl’s producer alter-ego). As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a sucker for repetitive beats, and this one definitely fits the bill. But there is more to it – touches like the pause before Earl launches into the second verse, and the outro riff by Chad Hugo of The Neptunes make this an addictive song that’s easy to put on repeat.


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